Entry outline

2020 FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN Full Season Registration Outline

Appended Regulations on Roll Cage requirements is deleted 2020. In 2020 will be required to equip bumper reinforcement. Tire rules will also be changed. From 2020, all vehicles will be equipped with an incar camera. 12V power supply is required for each car. Before entry, please make sure that you have reviewed all of the documents including
Before applying or renewing for the license, please make sure that you have reviewed all of the documents including "Sporting Regulation,"and"Technical Regulation (vehicle spec)."
"Sporting Regulation"
"Technical Regulation (vehicle spec)"
※This sporting regulation will be US version. Please understand beforehand that there is also a slightly different part from the Japanese version.

2020 Formula Drift Japan Regulation

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(vehicle spec)

[ 2020/01/30 Revision ]


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USA ver2.0

[ 2020/01/15 ]


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[ 2020/01/15 ]


※Please make sure to check both FORMULA DRIFT International Regulation and FORMULA DRIFT PRO Regulation (US version) for detailed explanation of eligible events.
Sporting Regulation
Technical Regulation (vehicle spec)
※This sporting regulation will be US version. Please understand beforehand that there is also a slightly different part from the Japanese version.

What is FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN Full Season Registration?

This will explain the one time registration process for the full season (5 rounds) FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN competition events scheduled for 2020 season.
Single event registration will also be possible (total number of drivers will be limited for each event), but full season registration have additional benefits such as one time application process (event agreement document must be signed by all drivers, spotters, and mechanics) and discounted total registration fees.
It is recommended for all drivers planning to compete the full 2020 FDJ schedule. 。
For full season registration process, please proceed below to "Full Season Registration". Please fill out all of the required items. Any missing information will display error messages.
(Registration is only accepted for drivers who has been approved for license renewal or application. Please use your ID/Password to login)

2020 FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN Schedule (Total 5 Events)

Round.1   May 2-3 Suzuka Twin Circuit
Round.2   Jun 6-7 Ebisu Circuit (West Course)
Round.3   Aug 1-2 Sportsland Sugo
Round.4   Aug 29-30 Okuibuki Motorpark
Round.5   Oct 10-11 Okayama International Circuit

※Above schedules are provisional. The dates and locations may change.

Regarding on equipment

For FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN, it is obligatory to install HANS (Head and Neck Support) from this season. Please be aware that mounting of HANS that matches regulation.

Registration Fee

Full Season Registration Fee (5 events): 500,000Yen (+tax) [Friday Practice included]

※Registration fee will only be accepted through bank wire transfer. Cash or checks will not be accepted.
※Above registration fee will include: (1) spotter pass, (2) mechanic pass, (4) admission tickets per team, (1) parking pass for tow vehicle and (1) parking pass for service vehicle for all 5 events. Additional mechanic pass can be purchased up to (3) passes for 54,000Yen each.

Full Season Registration Limit

Some recruitment

Full season registration is expected to receive a lot of reception. In the case of a large number of receptionists, there is a case to decide whether or not full season registration is possible taking into account the contribution to FD JAPAN and past results. Please note that it is not on a first-come, first-served basis.
However,if there are a large number of drivers and teams who wish to be entered annually, please understand beforehand that there may be cases where you can not receive spot entries for each round because the event will progress smoothly depending on the event.
Acceptance of full season registration will be based on past competition participation and results (including results from other organizations) reviewed by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN office.
Please understand that the full season registration acceptance is not based on the first come first serve basis.
All teams accepted for full season registration will be contacted by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN office.
Please do not proceed with any payments until you have received the acceptance notice.
Once you received the acceptance notice, please complete the payment within 10 days.
If the payment is not confirmed within 10 days, the full season registration will be void and the next team on the acceptance list will be processed.
We will make no exception even if FDJ approval email got lost in the junk folder, so please make sure to check all folders to not miss the payment deadline.
If you would like to check the status of your registration, please contact FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN office.

■Important Reminders

・Even when you miss an event or all events due to mechanical issues, or for any other reasons, the full season registration fee cannot be refunded.
・Even when the full season registration is complete, all drivers, spotters, and mechanics must sign the event agreement for each events. If the event agreement is not signed and turned in before the appropriate deadline, the registration for the event will be cancelled.
・If there are changes to your competition vehicle specs after the registration is complete, you must submit the new specs immediately.
・Full season registration will not be accepted after the below deadline.
・If you have shared mechanics or multiple drivers from one team and would like the pit spaces to be next to each other, please included the requests on the registration sheet. Changes cannot be accepted after the registration has been submitted. Please understand that all requests cannot be guaranteed.
・FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN will be providing the extreme footage taken by drones for the entertainment of both the spectators and LiveStream viewers. The drones will make the best attempt to keep a safe distance from each competition vehicles. However, even when the drones accidentally make a contact with competition vehicles or intervene with driver's field of view, the parties involved must pledge to not take any action to seek liability and discharge all claims and damages, if any, on FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN. The purpose of drone filming is to provide the most exciting footage for the fans all over the world and thus we need the cooperation from all teams and drivers.
・FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN pit spaces are open to the public so that the fans can get very close to their favorite drivers and teams. Whenever there are possible hazardous situations, such as warming up the powertrain with the rotating rear tires jacked up in the air, there must be at least one team staff to keep the spectators away to a safe distance with cone barriers to prevent any possible accidents.

Full Season Registration Period

From January 23rd (Thu), 2020 to February 10th (Mon), 2020

Full Season Registration documents

Full Season Registration sheet
Event Agreement (Full Season Registration)
※All drivers, spotters, and mechanics must sign the event agreement for each events.
Spec sheet

Full Season Registration Form Download (2020all_entry_form_ENG.pdf)
Driver's Agreement(Full Season Registration) Download (2020all_entry_driver_Agreement_ENG.pdf)
Spotter's Agreement(Full Season Registration) Download (2020all_entry_spotter_Agreement_ENG.pdf)
Mechanic's Agreement (Full Season Registration) Download (2020all_entry_mechanic_Agreement_ENG.pdf)
Vehicle Spec Download (2020all_entry_spec_ENG.pdf)
Participation Acknowledgment Agreement Download (Participation_Acknowledgment_Agreement_ENG.pdf)

Other required documents

Registration sheet, Spec sheet, copy of driver's license, signed event agreement for drivers, spotters, and mechanics (necessary for each events).
※All required documents must be submitted to be deemed as official registration.

Registration Mailing Address

■Registration Mailing Address
3-13-11 Naritahigashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN TEL 03-5305-3553

Sporting Regulation

Download Sporting Regulation
Please read the Sporting Regulation prior to registering for events.
・This is the Sporting Regulation used in FORMULA DRIFT USA.
FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN will be run based on this Sporting Regulation with few appended items. Appended regulation for FDJ will be announced when available.

※This sporting regulation will be US version. Please understand beforehand that there is also a slightly different part from the Japanese version.

※Please make sure you have read and accepted all documents before proceeding with registration process.

Entry acceptance has been closed.