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FORMULA DRIFT PRO 2 License Renewal and New Application

Before applying or renewing for the license, please make sure that you have reviewed all of the documents including
"Sporting Regulation"
"Technical Regulation (vehicle spec)"

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(vehicle spec)

[ 2017/01/12 ]


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Quick Guide

[ 2017/01/12 ]


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US ver.

[ 2017/01/12 ]


※2017 Technical Regulation and the Appended Regulation will basically be the same as 2016 season.
However, there might be some changes in 2018 due to FIA involvement,
so please consider the potential changes if you are planning to build a new race car for next season.

Sporting Regulation
Technical Regulation (vehicle spec)

Please proceed to the application form by selecting "PRO 2 License Renewal/New Application" below.

License renewal will be 10,800Yen (※Annual License Fee, tax included)
New license application will be 21,600Yen (※Annual License Fee 10,800Yen + License process fee 10,800Yen, tax included)
Even when the license is renewed for 2017 season, it will be expired automatically at the end of season if you do not complete in any of the FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN round.

Once the license is expired, you will need to apply for a new license for the following season.
To apply for a new license, the fee will be Annual License Fee 10,800Yen + License process fee 10,800Yen, tax included.
All license application must go through review and approval is not guaranteed.

Even if you had the 2016 license, the license may not be approved for renewal if you have not at all participated in FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN for few seasons or are known to act in a manner which is considered to be against social morality, public policy, or in an unsportsmanship behavior.

Approval of license application is not guaranteed. Past competition participation and results (including results from other organizations) will be reviewed and the license will only be granted for drivers approved by both FDJ and FD.

All payments related to license renewal or new application must be completed within 10days after the approval email has been sent from FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN.
If the payment is not made within the 10 days, the renewal or new application will be void.
We will make no exception even if FDJ approval email got lost in the junk folder, so please make sure to check all folders to not miss the payment deadline.
If you do not receive any reply after the renewal or new application process, please contact FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN office.
※FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN will reply within one week for both approved and declined applications.

Once you have read the above notice, please proceed to renewal or new application process.

※License renewal and new application will open on January 27th (Fri).

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